Kickstarter Korner – Go West Collected Edition

Go West had a cracking response with its release through Alterna Comics and with the first issues becoming a collected edition through Kickstarter it’s a great opportunity to catch-up on something you may have missed.

What’s it about:

All that Arthur Slade wants in this world is to be left alone. To live a peaceful life with his family in the country. But peace is an impossible dream when you live on the most dangerous piece of land in the United States.

In the last few years of the 21st century, a rift emerged in the fabric of our nation. A group of revolutionists, fed up with the increasingly oppressive role of the government, declared an all out offensive against the United States. Gathering an unexpected following from fellow revolutionists, the United States government was slowly pushed out of the western regions of the country.

After a years long war and tens of thousands of lives lost, the federal government bargained a treaty with the western outlaws. A line was drawn in the sand on the border or Nevada and Arizona. The government would let the outlaws have this land in exchange for peace. Additionally, the outlaws were never to step foot outside their territory. But there were still some who resisted. A small gang of rogue outlaws has begun to push the limits of the treaty. To travel outside the border and terrorize those close to it.

The government has denied that any such events have taken place, but the attacks by these rogues have become increasingly violent. When a group of these outlaws murders Slade’s family, he embarks on a hell-bent mission to make those responsible suffer. He will hunt down every member of The Fist and tear their entire organization to the ground. Even if it means he has to cross the border into the western regions to do it.

Even if it means he has to Go West.

Who’s involved:

Creator/writer Garrett Gunn & artist Stan Yak have poured everything into this labour of love.  Sean Forney joins Stan on that glorious cover too.

What’s on offer in the rewards:

You can get your hands on a digital or print version of the Go West collected edition as well as sketch cards, custom sketches and there’s still the original art of the cover on offer too.

The campaign has already smashed through its target and is onto stretch goals but you can jump on-board at the link below:

Go West Collected Edition Kickstarter



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