A Comic A Day in May – Day 23: Lizard Men #2

After loving the first issue of Steven Horry’s Lizard Men, jumping on-board the Kickstarter campaign for the 2nd issue was a bit of a no-brainer….

He introduced the beginning of a revolution in the opener as celebrity rock-god Dylan Zamani took his place as Prime Minister.  The clash of pop culture and politics still has an air of intrigue about it as his past & present smash together to try to form some sort of normalcy.  He can’t escape who he is and who he knows though and with the mysterious men in white suits hovering over him they’re plying the pressure to try to get him in-line with whatever their bigger plans are.

There’s some interesting sub-plots being dropped into the mix that are starting to build a bigger picture of what’s going on and Steven is managing to add this extra detail in at just the right time.  The pacing is spot-on and the art from Catia Fantini & colours from Chiara Bonacini feel like they’ve stepped up a level in the space of just two issues.  Panel layouts are again keeping the story crackling along with energy and Ken Reynolds adds some brilliant finer details to the issue with his lettering.

Overall, this second issues stands on the foundation from the opener and grows the plot and world around it into something special.  A comic of its time that offers an interesting direction to explore with its elements of thriller, sci-fi, pop culture and mystery which in itself is a hell of a lot of things to try to fit together but the creative team have all had a hand in making sure that’s pulled off.  Nod to editor Mira Manga on keeping things tight too.

With Comichaus supporting this and from the strength of the two issues so far, it’s hard to see how this couldn’t get bigger and better in the next four issues and I’m hoping that more people will get up to speed with Lizard Men in time for the next instalment smacking us in the face.

Find out what’s next for Lizard Men over on the titles Facebook page.  Keep an eye out on the Comichaus website & app for this issue becoming available & catching up on the first.



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