A Comic A Day in May – Day 22: The Elemental Conductors #1

The Elemental Conductors from Jesse Wolfe is a recent title I got my hands on and that cover was more than enough to get me intrigued.

It tells the story of electricians & foster brothers Josh Matthews & Tony Rosso who are out on their latest job when a storm closes in on the city.  Faster than you can say  “Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening me” their job gets flipped on it’s head with Josh being hit out of the blue.  Wakening up in hospital months later with bis brother by his bedside the world around them starts to get pretty messed up pretty quick.

The strong relationship between them is emphasized here with a well-timed flashback to give us some back-story & context for the lives they lead but it’s soon apparent that the lightening bolt did much more than just slip Josh into a coma.  He’s changed and there are government forces lurking in the shadows that are ready to take him into custody in the name of “national security”.  Cue an escape plan & a frantic chase that leads us all the way to revelations and cliffhangers that set-up a new series from the indie hidden gem pile.

Camilo Zepeda’s art captures the energy of the whole book amazingly well and as the accident, their early days and the panic of being pursued flash across the pages you can almost feel the crackle of energy in every panel.  The two main characters are the heart of the book and the interactions between them and the history they have is given a realistic, bittersweet edge that helps give this a solid grounding.  My only slight quibble would be the sound-effects used as they all feel slightly out-of-place against the art style itself…….feeling a bit too comic-booky against much more realistic art than I was first expecting.

That being said, there’s no doubt that the story from Jesse & the art from Camilo helps this opening issue shine.  The pursuit from the faceless government forces could have easily descended into your expected clichés but the back and forth between Josh & Tony and the surprises from some of the other cast help make this feel fresh & fast-paced.

Check out more on this title over on Jesse’s websiteFacebook & Twitter pages – and get a hold of the latest issues over on Comixology now too.



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