A Comic A Day in May – Day 21: Mulp: Sceptre of the Sun #4

The penultimate issue of the anthropomorphic revelation Mulp was always on my list of anticipated titles to get hold of and creators Matt Gibbs & Sara Dunkerton have built-up a brilliant momentum in the title so far.

The adventure has taken us all over the world so far but in this issue the majority of the team on the hunt for the Sceptre find themselves in the clutches of a tribe of Flying-Mice.  The silver-lining for them is that Jack is still free from the tribe so he’s hatching a plan to get weapons and free his friends from the cages they find themselves in.

The captive members of the group are trying to communicate with the tribe but they just can’t decipher what they are saying but with any luck they’ll soon be on the hunt for the sceptre again.  There’s a great deal of story to tackle in this fourth issue as the back n forth between the tribe with the prisoners with a whole new language that the team have created just highlights the level of detail Matt & Sara are willing to pour into this.

As the risks for the treasure hunters become very real, very quickly, the story builds on top of that cracking foundation we’ve seen created in those first three issues.  Things cruise along at a hectic pace and even though there is a lot of dialogue in this particular issue it doesn’t detract from the story that’s unfolding thanks to Jim Campbell’s work on lettering.  Sara’s art is just as consistent and glorious as it has been from the beginning with every cast member exuding their own unique character.

In the end, this issue picks up from the previous one and keeps the whole adventure rolling along with all the care & attention we’ve already seen poured into it by Matt & Sara.  Mulp quickly became my favourite mouse-based indie release but the consistency from the team, the quality of the story and the glow from the visuals on the page make this an indie release I don’t ever want to end. More of this please Improper Books!!!

Get over to the Improper Books website to catch-up on this & the other AMAZING titles they have plus keep tabs on the Facebook & Twitter pages for more news from them.



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