A Comic A Day in May – Day 19: Bi The Way

I first read some of MJ Wallace’s work in the Team Girl Comic collection of stories and moving on to her own titles it was easy to jump on-board whatever she was working on next……cue her ‘Bi the Way’ release that became a reality through Indiegogo crowd funding.

It’s as personal a story as you can possibly get as she takes us through the rollercoaster that was her discovering her bisexuality……that seemed to be always there in the first place.  She opens up about how those feelings became more obvious to her, the difficulties at school & even church where any feelings that fell outwith what society classes as “normal” and then the questions that the revelations brought.

It’s an honest & open depiction of finding out who you are, accepting those discoveries and then having the confidence to confide in those you trust the most and even if the sexuality part doesn’t match your own, you can still relate to the anxiety, the self-doubt and the elation of embracing a new level of confidence.  Her openness about her feelings is an endearing element to the book from the very first page and her art-style manages to capture emotions, humour and the mixed responses she gets with great heart.

It’s another moving title form the indie world and MJ’s approach to it makes it a very human story that we can all relate to.  Her tagline of ‘Putting the “bi” in autobiography’ sums up the disarming humour she has about it all but underneath that and throughout this book she has important things to say about being who you are regardless of the outside world’s preconceptions.  Glorious work again!

Head over to MJ’s website for a look at the other titles she has available and check out her webcomic too.  You can also see what else she is up to over on her Facebook & Twitter pages.



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