A Comic A Day in May – Day 18: Final Street #1

Final Street from Devil’s Due Comics was another title I backed through Kickstarter and it’s another title that’s been on my review list for far too long.

Co-creators Scott Schmidt & Brian Atkins put their heads together to distil the pure gaming joy from the best arcade beat-em-ups like Streets of Rage, Final Fight & Double Dragon, into a comic that features every one of the elements that made those games amazing.  A plot to defeat the gang of a big boss, save the day and kick-ass along the way with weapons, life restoring food and power bars to show the toll the battles were taking.

Scott’s writing captures the attention without losing too much time on heavy details and he creates the comic book equivalent of button-bashing from the very first page as central characters Sullie Rhodes & Kumi Kogara throw themselves into their battle to save Sullie’s boyfriend.  It’s fast paced, action-packed and a glorious homage to the games I have always loved playing.

Brian’s art and the colours from Juanco & Carlos Moreno complete that 8-bit vibe and helps make the whole thing feel like the cut sequence from the games that influenced the title.  The occasional addition of the power bars showing each characters energy became a really nice touch n among the action too.  HdE’s lettering adds the final touches that makes the whole thing work and it’s been a long time since I was swept up with that new game feeling outwith my latest SNES purchase.

A glorious book to spark memories of games played and urge returning to those platforms for another fight through some bad guys. That or sitting with my controller as I re-read this comic to get the same effect.  I can’t wait for issue #2.

Head over to the Devil’s Due Comics’ online shop to pre-order a copy of this ahead of it’s June release and check out their other titles too.  You can also keep updated with what’s next over on their website, Facebook & Twitter.



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