A Comic A Day in May – Day 17: The Vampires of Lower Bennett Street #1

Mike Lynch & Joe Campbell have teamed-up for the first issue of The Vampires of Lower Bennett Street – a new blood-fuelled Vampire tale set in Ireland.

While we open in a dystopian city-scape with our central character Lazarus, scrambling for his life – we’re soon out in the wild and getting a bit more detail on what his motivation is.  A flashback to 17th Century Northern Ireland sees his quest for an artefact kick-in and the clash of state, monster hunters and the Vampires hidden in their midst starts to unravel around him.

He’s soon on the trail for the artefact he needs and he’s extra keen to get hold of the very thing that will give him the sweet release of death.  That’s almost in his grasp when the group of fellow blood-suckers bring enough attention to get the authorities grabbing the pitch-forks and hot on their trail.  The world closes in on them and the trap they find themselves in is looking like it could be a lot more permanent than they were expecting.

It’s a strong opener from Mike as he weaves a unique adventure where we’re firmly on the side of the Vampires for a change and this first issue seemed to fly past even with some word-heavy pages of dialogue & narrative.  The art from Joe keeps an element of scale to the city & village while keeping the claustrophobic streets & risk from the army pursuing our new favourite Vampire very much in the foreground.  This keeps things flowing well and I was so involved that the end came as a bit of surprise and a slight disappointment as I wanted to know more.

This feels like a strong addition for Markosia’s list of titles and with a creative team like this hitting their stride, there’s a good chance that we’ll see the same level of quality in future issues……..I just hope that’s really soon…….roll-on issue #2.

Check out the Markosia website for more info and get hold of a copy of this first issue through DriveThruComics and Comixology.



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