Kickstarter Korner – Enter the Asylum 2018

Accent UK have pretty much always been a source of favourite indie releases since Comics Anonymous began and they’ve recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their newest annual book – Enter the Asylum.

What’s it about:

A comic featuring stories and characters inspired by the amazing personas encountered at last year’s Asylum Steampunk Festival, the largest and longest running Steampunk Festival in the Solar System!

Who’s involved:

Dave West & Colin Mathieson are the masterminds behind Accent UK and for this release they’re joined by Gary Crutchley, Russell Mark Olson, Nikos Alteri, Anna Francesca Schiraldi & Matt Soffe.

What’s on offer in the rewards:

You can get your hands on the usual digital & physical copies of the release but you can also pick-up the first four issues of the Accent UK release Stephenson’s Robot plus the limited Tarot cards that were created for the issues.  The chance to appear in a 4 to 6 page story featuring your own Steampunk persona in the next annual has come and gone due to its early success….although stretch goals are giving you the chance to get hold of some stunning art cards:

They’ve smashed through their initial target but you can still jump on-board the campaign on the link below:

Enter the Asylum Kickstarter


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