A Comic A Day in May – Day 9: Tales of Mystery and Imagination #4

After loving issues #1, #2 & #3 of Tales of Mystery and Imagination from Terrier Studios their next issues were always going to be something I’d strive to catch-up with.

While the previous releases set out the type of tales they would be pulling together they backed that up with a magazine-sized book that got better and better with every page-turn let alone issue……and that trend has continued with this latest release.

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The Kraken’s Eye by J.L. Brady

Soul Mates by William Hazle

No Sleep by Kieran O’Connor

Exogamy by Rebecca Tough

Frightful Funnies by Kieran O’Connor

This new collection has some familiar names attached and the mix of styles & approach from each creator maintains that central dark & sinister theme proving that this kind of release still has a place in the wider indie comic market.  The episodic vibe to the horror tales as introduced by the crypt-keeper-like Tattybogle Man keeps on delivering a great blend of stories and the editing of this from contributor/creator William Hazle keeps a finely balanced sense of direction with everything being produced from the Dundee-based publisher.

The “something for everyone” tag is something that gets thrown around regularly but in the case of this title it feels like the truth, albeit within the constraints of a horror-filled release that has elements of comedy-horror in its cartoony offerings through to its much darker & visceral elements of real gore.  At its horror-filled core it still manages to be entertaining and it’ll be easy to pick out a favourite from each of the stories on offer but the whole collection in each issue helps highlight how important each piece actually is to its overall success. Great work that just keeps getting better.

You can keep up to date with all of Terrier Studios titles over on their FacebookTwitter pages as well as get hold of the titles themselves on their website, on Comixology or through the Comichaus website & app.



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