A Comic A Day in May – Day 8: Death Truck

Death Truck is the brain child and newest release from all-rounder Paul Johnson and having loved his art style in the likes of Kid Monkey, this was always going to be something I’d be looking to track down.

It all opens with one of many big set pieces as the titular Death Truck slams it’s demonic frame through anyone trying to get in its way and as soon as it’s free the open roads offer more fodder in an over-the-top homage to movies of the 80’s & 90’s.

Paul pretty much explodes his ideas onto the pages and he introduces some brilliant characters in his own quirky, messed-up way as the evil within the Death Truck itself becomes all-consuming – but with lesbians & wizards willing to team-up and fight the good fight it’s high-pace begins to pay-off from early on.  The Government are hovering in the background as things escalate across the pages and with demonic evil possessing some of our central characters along the way the risk to them becomes a very tangible element to the story’s success.

Violent & explicit to a point where some people will steer clear but it’s a solid example of just how liberating the indie comic world actually is, because in amongst the more extreme elements is a feeling of fun and a yearning to entertain.  Paul creates a story that pulls no punches and follows that up with visuals that force those punches further into your face in a story that’s flat-out & ballsy from the very beginning.  This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but then this book alone would probably smash that cup of tea anyway.  Personally, I loved the gritty feeling to his art and the brutal elements & brash colouring was a surprisingly powerful combination that emphasized the attitude that oozes from Paul and seeps into the pages.

You can find out more about Death Truck on the titles Facebook page and keep tabs on what’s next from Beat the Demon Comix over on the Facebook & Twitter pages.



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