A Comic A Day in May – Day 6: Prometheus #1

After being impressed by Lonesomes from Ryan Little the merest glimpse of his name on the glorious cover for issue one of Prometheus was enough to make me jump on-board his Kickstarter campaign.

While the legend of Prometheus sees the creator of man empower his creation with the gift of fire, the consequences of his actions leave him suffering through eternity but this new release from Ryan brings him crashing into modern times.  His enemies are the same and out to get him but he’s on the move in a world he’s trying to make sense of.

Cue the wandering, lone figure of Prometheus who quickly becomes a mix of Eastwood’s ‘Man with No Name’ & John Wick and the protagonists attitude oozes that swagger of changing things for the better no matter the cost.  The revelations along the way sees his creation and gift to the world as a crushing disappointment though and whereabouts of the Flame of Knowledge gives him a new purpose and a glimmer of hope in getting the human race back on track towards a more meaningful existence.

A modern-day adaptation may not be something new but there’s no doubt that Ryan does a great job of breathing life into a Greek myth and his ability to merge the old & the new makes this an intriguing story from the very beginning.  The underdog taking no shit is always going to have a chance of success but it has to be lead in the right direction and with a smart world around it this opener manages to pull this off, albeit with a few coincidental discoveries that teeter on the edge of being forced.

He’s joined by Chris Shehan on art who has an amazingly detailed style while somehow keeping things grainy but that adds to the blend of old & new I’d say.  The colouring by Yuan Cakra is just perfect with the shadowy gloom surrounding beings from myths alongside an almost garish look at the modern-day world and that adds another level to the visuals.  Rounding of the creative team is Nikki Powers on lettering who does a great job in juggling all that dialogue across the pages.

All in all this first issue is a good opener that could have been stronger with a slightly better handling of some of those coincidences that guide our protagonist through his journey.  That being said, the swagger from our main character and his ability to cling to that glimmer of hope becomes an infectious element that generates a lot of intrigue for this and future issues.  Ambitious, energetic & visually impressive it’s a new myth to get lost in.

You can catch-up with Ryan over on Twitter to see what else he’s working on.



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