A Comic A Day in May – Day 3: Cognition #3

Cognition from Ken Reynolds has been a prime example of just how fresh and exciting the titles from the indie comic world can be and getting an early look at the latest issue is all kinds of amazing for a fan like me.

It continues the investigations from the previous issue as Cal & Sigma represent the British Occult Secret Service (B.O.S.S.) in a supernatural story that’s already proved to be an engaging, roller-coaster ride.

The team delve deeper in this issue as their latest lead takes them to the Welsh countryside and as the legend they are pursuing comes closer into view Ken really sets his sights on strengthening the relationship of the two main characters.  In fact, all the relationships are built up in this issue but the Cal & Sigma dynamic, in particular, comes into its own with a much freer back n forth between the two.

This issue teeters on the edge of being too word heavy but the mix of lettering from Ken and the panel layouts from Sam Bentley makes sure that things don’t get over-powered at all.  The art itself has been improving issue after issue and this one is no exception as Sam pulls out all the stops to make the layouts work for the story’s momentum and he keeps the black and white pages heavy on the detail.  That being said, there were a few panels that took me a sec to make out what was happening but given the quality of the previous issues I’m inclined to think this was more to do with the review copy itself.

The Cognition story delivers more and more with every read and as I revisited the previous issues and onto this one you can really feel the connection with its characters grow as things progress.  There’s no doubting that a comparison with the likes of BPRD can be drawn but Ken & Sam have worked well at keeping this cast of characters steeped in their own universe in a story with real heart to it.  The penultimate issue of this arc is a strong one and it sets me up with just the right amount of intrigue to make me want to read the end of this arc and beyond……roll on #4, 5, and everything after that!

Here’s a preview of the cover for issue #4 too…….I’m SOOOO in 😀

You can keep updated with all the Cognition news through the Facebook & Twitter pages. The issues released so far are available through the Comichaus app plus you can read issue #0 for free and get hold of all the issues from the first arc through the campaign link below:

Cognition Kickstarter



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