Kickstarter Korner – Darkboy & Adler

Having already read, loved & backed Darkboy & Adler it’s an easy title to add to my “must recommend” list and with the Kickstarter still running it’s a great way to find out more and grab some unique rewards.

The LGBTQ Horror Comedy is getting closer to it’s target and for good reason as it looks and reads like the start of your new favourite indie comic.

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What’s it about:

The story follows the day to day exploits of a typical teenage boy. Adler is his name and he is struggling with the typical teenage things like unrequited love, uninterested parents, bullying and voodoo curses. Darkboy & Adler is a story about love and the crazy journey that ensues when external forces take hold and push a young boy to the dark side of his love sick brain.

Who’s involved:

The semi autobiographical series is co-created by Daniel Earey & Edward Bentley with Daniel picking up pencils and Edward taking on inks, words & colours.  They’re joined by letterer Rob Jones to complete the creative team.

What’s on offer in the rewards:

You’ve got your typical digital & print copies of the issue but on top of that there’s other digital awards, some sketch covers, original art and loads more.

After getting an early look at the issue it’s a great series to jump on-board with and the current campaign has just over a week to run… go check it out the at the link below:

Darkboy & Adler Kickstarter


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