Advance Review – The Edge Off

Billed as a “trippy crime psycho noir” it was safe to say that I was intrigued by what Fraser Campbell & Iain Laurie would bring in their new one shot release that’s set to hit Kickstarter this Friday.

It follows mob enforcer Lee Butler but family ties become all the more complicated when you were the bosses son, the bosses favourite and the boss is gone.  Cue Lee being spiked with a new designer drug and his daughter being kidnapped and his world flips upside down in every way imaginable.  In among that shit-storm – the real world and a blurred, nightmare world merge in a slick story that’s captivating with every page turn.

Lee’s past, present & future sees his suspicion grow about his brothers involvement and every panel hits like it’s own drug-fuelled twist of the knife.  The pain and terror Lee goes through plays out like a David Lynch version of Taken and in this one-shot it’s a Twilight Zone episode with the vertical in Fraser’s hands and the horizontal in Iain’s.

The creative spark between the two makes this as unique a title as I think I’ve ever read from the indie world and all the twists & turns in a real & unreal world mean I can’t figure out what’s happening until the closing pages and it’s the first time I’ve been thankful for that because it feels like a story you earn along the way.  That’s polished off with colours from David B. Cooper and Lettering from Colin Bell so the entire creative team play their part in making a messed up tale an enthralling ride from start to finish.

This leaves you hoping that this won’t be the end for the Campbell/Laurie combo as they feel like a true ying & yang team-up and this unsettling tale of theirs shows more than enough skill & art to highlight their contributions to another stellar release from the indie comic scene in the UK.

You can keep up to date with more of Fraser & Iain’s work over on Twitter:

Fraser – @FraserC69

Iain – @iainlaurie

Keep tabs on the titles Facebook page for details on the Kickstarter which will hit this Friday (20th April) and includes a variant cover by the mighty Frank Quitely…..

…….so keep an eye out for that and grab a slice of the madness.



2 thoughts on “Advance Review – The Edge Off

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