Bob Turner Double Review – FLD & Untitled

Bob Turner will debut his latest release Untitled at Edinburgh Comic Con this weekend and after the impressive but silent roller-coaster that was DTHRTL, this felt like an ideal chance to catch-up on a couple of his titles.


FLD acts as a prequel to his previous release and the opening few pages of this 24-pager gets the ball rolling with an event that shapes the world Bob has dropped us into. The rains start and they just keep on coming as our intrepid central character goes about converting his home into his very own ark.  Bob manages to steer clear of going all ‘doom & gloom’ with the story though as his style and vibrant pages keep an air of hopefulness in the pages as he manages to evoke the raw emotions from his characters.

The old adage of “a picture’s worth a thousand words” has never been more evident that it has in Bob’s titles and FLD is a prime example of just how powerful imagery can be.  The look and feel of his work is unique and for a silent comic to to evoke so much it’s a testament to just how strong a creative idea can be.



The newest book from Bob has a similar feel to the previous books at first glance but on closer inspection it’s much more of a high concept than it appears.  It’s got much more of an erratic direction to it than Bob’s previous releases which had a fairly linear approach to the story telling but that only helps highlight just how unique Bob’s releases are.

The fact that’s it’s called ‘Untitled’ seems all the more fitting as the fresh, simple but raw heart that this has is much more obvious than in his previous release.  This is less likely to be one for everyone but there’s enjoyment to be had for those that do jump on-board and go with the flow of it.


You can catch-up with all these titles at this weekends Edinburgh Comic Con and get hold of these on the Castle Rock Comics online shop or check in with Bob over on Twitter for more news on what else he’s working on.


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