Darkboy & Adler #1

Creative team Daniel Earey & Edward Bentley have put their collective heads together to produce new title Darkboy & Adler which they just launched a new Kickstarter campaign for…..but I was lucky enough to get an early look at the first issue.

It all opens in a typical high school with that ever-present teen angst on show as crushing on the school wrestling jock brings Adler to the latest match.  His watchful eyes don’t go unnoticed and the unwanted attention brings him pain in fist-form at the hands of the very person he’s been crushing on.

With Adler’s parents out-of-town he’s free to spend his time as he likes and while I felt like I knew where this was going it all got flipped on its head when Adler stumbles across a book on voodoo.  The story still feels like it’s firmly under the control of its creators but the unexpected twists & turns they inject into the events makes every page turn a step into the unknown and that gave this a real edge-of-your-seat vibe from the moment the plot stepped up a weird gear.

The weirdness gives the book a great energy and the early pages surrounding Adler’s day-to-day life at school with struggling to handle his feelings, surviving the bullying and keeping a positive outlook is a great way to build this character up from the highs and lows he experiences.  That being said, I wasn’t exactly sure where things were going to go and while that’s an element that I loved about this opening issue….I can see some people having problems with just how erratic some of the elements become.

This still feels like a series I’m on-board with for the duration as it’s tackling real issues in a fantastical way and the approach to the story manages to blend the life of a gay teen into something we can all relate to ….well…..until the voodoo madness bursts in 😀 The art duties are also picked up by the co-creators with Daniel on pencils & Edward on inks & colours, which helps keep things looking and feeling like it should and helps emphasize the mix of ideas they have in the story in just the right way.  Robin Jones swoops in like the lettering ninja he has become to complete the creative team and add the subtle final touches needed here & there.

Keep an eye on the titles Facebook page for more info and go check out the campaign on the link below & get on-board with this ASAP.

Darkboy & Adler #1 Kickstarter



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