Advance Review: Lady Hollywood #1

While Cult Empire Comics have already produced some cracking horror titles like Vietnam Zombie Holocaust & Vampires Everywhere, the latest release sees a change of theme as they bring us a story of detectives, gangsters & corruption.

George Lennox is at the helm for this and it all opens with an interesting blend of interrogation, flashback and normal life as the day-to-day tasks of the duo behind the Hollywood Detective Agency.  Their soon whisked into their latest case and another clear-cut attempt at entrapment sees the seedy side of Vegas rear its ugly head.

They’re on the trail of their latest target but nothing can really prepare them for whats to come as the high-end assassins start creeping out of the woodwork straight into the middle of their case.  The story from George is solid from the beginning and cutting into the main plot-line with some single page glimpses of the normal life of our central characters is a slick approach to get to know them without disrupting the flow too much.  This is much heavier in dialogue than some of the previous stories from George but given the subject matter and that every word has a purpose, it feels like this is a much-needed element of this particular release to help build the world they’ve created.

Art, colouring & letters are tackled by Russell Mark Olson with some colouring assistance from Emily Olson and what an impact this makes to the feel of the story.  The pages glow with that Vegas neon shine that’s equal parts alluring and garish but there’s a strong sense of momentum & pace to art across the majority of the book too, with some of those personal moments slowing things right down before kicking things off again.  I’m sure the editing from Eli Winter comes into play there and the first issue represents a new level for Cult Empire to aim for and then achieve.  I’ve also got to mention that there’s another great variant cover from Alex Ronald available too (glorious)

In the end this is a great start for another BIG indie release as Cult Empire Comics steps away from horror to bring us a new tale of Private Dicks, gangsters & assassins in a comic that oozes mainstream style with an adrenaline-filled indie heart – just stunning!

Keep up to date with everything on Lady Hollywood over on the titles Facebook page and check out the Cult Empire Comics website, Facebook & Twitter pages for more on this and their other titles.

The campaign for this first issue still has about 20 days still to go, so you can grab a copy there too.

Lady Hollywood #1 Kickstarter

You’ll also see Cult Empire Comics at this weekend’s Edinburgh Comic Con (14th & 15th April) where they’ll have a limited run of the new book.



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