The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #1

A glimpse at the cover for the first issue of Andy W. Clift was enough to convince me to take a read with the firm hope that the book would deliver on its obvious potential.

Inside it’s cover I found a galactic story that oozed a pulpy style that had me hooked instantly and the disappearance of entire planets is spreading fear throughout the Galaxy.  The only thing that Prime Consoler Zoltan of the Commonwealth of Worlds can really do is call in The Galaxy Defenders and sooner than you can say ‘space shenanigans’, Captain Cosmic is embroiled in an investigation……while Kid Cosmic is left back at HQ out of harms way.

The Captain’s investigation takes him across the Galaxy in search of the missing planets and his gut instincts bring him face to face with the villain behind the whole thing but far from being a simple find & arrest case…….Captain Cosmic becomes another entry in the list of missing planets & people.  Kid Cosmic plays her part here and the quick pace of the story leans the emphasis of this release firmly in the ‘Adventure’ classification as the title suggested.

The story is simple but the execution is exceptional from Andy – his work on story, art, lettering and pretty much everything else sees him distil the essence of the 60’s Batman series into a comic that’s wrapped in a hug of Silver Age imagery. I can see some people struggling with that but the cover is a clear indication of what to expect and it delivers on that promise due to Andy’s hard work.  For a pulp story fan like myself it ends up being exactly what I had hoped for and it’s a fun, frantic & fantastic read. Hopefully this is a new series that will run & run.

You can check out this and more of Andy’s work over on his website and keep up to date with what else he is up to over on twitter. You can get hold of a digital copy over on the online store and read it through the Comichaus app too.

You’ve also got just under a week to jump on-board with the campaign to get the book in print as it’s smashed through target after target – this is looking like the beginning of a classic….

The Adventures of Captain Cosmic Kickstarter



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