G-Man talks to Pete Genepool from Comichaus

Pete Genepool is the main man behind Comichaus and not content with releasing a brilliant anthology, he’s brought us an app for indie comics that has ‘game-changer’ written all over it.  Time for some questions!!!
What got you involved in the comic book world?

I am guessing like most people it was a hobby that has taken over slightly! I grew up with comics but it is only in the last few years that I started the Comichaus site with an aim to showcase indie comics and allow people to sell their comics/collections easily.

What’s next for the Comichaus comic?

We have the next six issues all commissioned, Issue 11 is a brand new start with all new stories and a cover by Brendan McCarthy. We are putting out an issue every other month now – just because the app is taking over a lot of our time. Really excited about keeping the anthology going and getting more creators pages out there

You’ve recently released Lizard Men but can we expect more titles 
released under the Comichaus banner?

Yes indeed! We have some irons in the fire as it were. In an ideal world I would like to put out a different book every week – But financially and time wise it would be crazy. So we are being quite selective and doing a few extra books this year alongside the anthology.

How did the idea of the app come about?

It seemed like the next natural step from the Comic Book marketplace site we developed. We set that up so creators/collectors could sell their comic books and we thought a digital streaming app would be a perfect way of showcasing the comics and creators – whilst linking back to the site so readers could but print copies if available.

My day job is in Music Distribution and have seen how Spotify etc have become the norm for how people consume their music. The app gives people the chance to find comic books they may not have found before, and find out more about the creators involved.

What titles would you like to see added to the app?

The aim for this year is to get some more of the bigger indies on board with their content – and I want to keep building on the small press content we currently have. If anyone wants to submit to the app they can do so via the site, and there are literally hundreds of comics i would personally like to see on there. I am ticking them off the list bit by bit!

How do you juggle a day job, the Comichaus releases AND the app?

Not entirely sure…there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to be honest. But I think most people feel the same way. The day job stuff is crazy busy but co-editor James McCulloch shares the burden of the anthology – and I have people helping out with the site and the app. We also have the amazing anthology creators helping spread the word at Comic Cons and online about Comichaus – so the word is getting out there

What’s the long-term plans for Comichaus & the app?

We want to build it into the ‘go to’ place to discover indie comics and creators, both in print and digitally. Slowly and surely we want to increase the content so the catalogue is always growing and giving value for money to subscribers. I always think it is important to grow things naturally bit by bit rather than getting big bucks involved (which we don’t have anyway) So hard work and patience is the key. I am not great at the latter but I will try harder haha

As the subscription base grows the creators’ stream revenue will increase also – So we are hoping it will become another income stream for everyone. We know that in the short term things take time to build and the income will be very small initially – but the creators and members all seem very positive about the app,and we have had amazing feedback and support. I think if you are totally transparent about things then everyone is happy – everyone we have talked to knows the cost of setting these things up and that we are trying something new and exciting – and how determined we are to make it work.

Aside from the royalty stream the app is getting a comic book in front of a worldwide audience, the one thing i want to do making the anthology is for it to be read and enjoyed, and the app is the perfect way of doing that

You can check out the Comichaus website for the whole list of titles they offer and go register for a 14 day free trial of the Comichaus App which I’m sure you’ll want to extend.

Keep updated with all their progress on comics and more over on Facebook & Twitter too.  You can also catch-up with Pete & the Comichaus gang at Thought Bubble later this year and the creators involved in the anthology will be attending conventions around the country too….so you can get hold of that release too.


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