City of Lost Souls #5

James McCulloch & Janine Van Moosel hit us with the darkest type of horror in the early issues of City of Lost Souls but they’ve maintained the ability to surprise – so the latest issue was always going to be an intriguing read.

While our murderer Matt has descended into the grim afterlife there’s still much more to come as more murder victims arrive and the collectors on the other side are aiming to twist the knife on a character we should hate but have somehow warmed to.  The deaths may be on the increase but Matt’s tortured & broken soul leaves him open to the other collectors that are around him.

There’s still a spark of fight in him but it might not be enough to get him back from the brink although Ki is trying to fight his corner and get him back on some sort of path to redemption.  The blur between the real world and the hell world they find themselves in is virtually non-existent which in itself becomes an unnerving element to this series but the momentum is firmly at Matt’s back to take on the other collectors

James has taken the visceral beginnings of his main character and dropped him in the worst hell he could imagine…….and then he’s kicked that character while he’s down to truly break him.  While all that’s been unfolding the art from Janine has moved up the gears to a level of horror that feels like a glimpse at hell – which is as much for the hint at what happens off-panel as it is the brutal visions splattering across the pages in front of our eyes.

COLS has helped bring my inner horror to the surface but every new issue continues to convince me more of that fact which is down to the creative teams ability to work together and bring their world to life.  Suitably sinister and with an edge-of-the-seat vibe that’s building to something big.  So much so that I’m on-board for the long run….roll on issue #6.

You can get hold of this and the previous issues over on James’ online shop and over on the Comichaus website or app.  Keep tabs on the COLS Facebook page for more news on the title too.



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