Hallows Fell

Hallows Fell marks Thom Burgess’ third supernatural horror title to hit and after the unnerving ‘Malevolants – Click Click’ & The Eyrie’, I was already a fan of his work.

This one follows businessman Simon as he tries his best to get home to his fiancée in time for a party with her and his soon-to-be-in-laws but not everything is working out for him.  Missing his train & then scrambling to get a taxi all the way there is just the beginning of his problems and it’s a long night ahead with him firmly in the sights of mysterious force in the shadows that gradually reveals itself.

Thom drags his central character through hell and back as he weaves another horror tale that adds a modern vibe to traditional superstitions and the result is suitably unnerving.  It feels like the panels are closing in as things get more frantic and the art from Izzy Stanic really stands out as adding a very real element risk to Simon’s every move & decision as we get closer and closer to his final goal.

The pacing of the story is key to the build-up of terror in Simon and with the members of the public that drift in & out all having either zero knowledge of whats going on or a hand in making things worse, it’s another roller-coaster read.  Dark & grim but a book that you can’t put down and it very quickly becomes an intoxicating mix of story & visuals to get lost in.  Amazing stuff from the creative duo.

You can get hold of this release over on the Hallows Fell online store and check out the title’s Facebook page for more info too.  You can also keep up to date with Thom himself over on his website, Facebook & Twitter pages.



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