The Kill Screen – Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

The Kill Screen from writer Mike Garley, artist Josh Sherwell & letterer Mike Stock became a bit of a small press revelation to me from the first panel of the first page and  they’ve returned to the days before the technological event that shaped their world in the Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost release.

The creative team cover two main areas with this new chapter with a group of masked men representing the powers that be and a seemingly innocent group of young kids drinking & catching up.  As that drinking continues the connection to The Kill Screen event starts making itself clear and the finer details start to hit faster than the shots themselves.

The tall tales of a drunken group are much more tangible as the night progresses and the underground lore & rumours surrounding the source of what could be a new way to control the masses is blurted out in no time.  The details in the story become a little too real too quick and the need for those secrets to be kept from the public at all costs shows the lengths those in power will go to, to keep it that way.

The flip between the aftermath of a drunken night out and the masked men cleaning up a mess on someones behalf give this a strong sense of risk for those involved.  Mike’s pacing here is much steadier without the elements of action we’ve seen in the previous release but that only lets him elaborate on what’s really behind the whole Kill Screen event.  The art from Josh is a bit more subdued as a result but this opens up his chance to play around with the layouts and he’s just as much in sync with Mike here as he has been before.  Mike rounds off the creative package with typically slick lettering that juggles a lot of information in the new layouts with great ease.

The days before The Kill Screen event are given a fresh new set of characters but the subtle tension from what’s coming their way and the creative team’s knack for plucking at heart-strings means they hit the same heights they did first time round. This means we end up with a smart, intricate & heartfelt addition to an indie comic mythology we already love.  The only downside for this might be that new readers will be a bit in the dark but by this stage… should really have caught up on the earlier Kill Screen release 🙂

Check out Mike’s online store to get your hands on some of his titles and keep an eye on The Kill Screen Facebook page for more updates.  You can also find out what else Mike is working over on his Facebook & Twitter pages and you can find him over on Patreon too.



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