Shit Flingers #1

Shit Flingers is the brain child of writer Jimmy Furlong & artist Andrew Hartmann and it was about time I caught up on the first of this six-parter.

This first release became a reality through Kickstarter and the 60-page opener seems to have put an entire team of creators together to tell the story of an entire team of monkeys…..that’s more than a coincidence, right?? 🙂

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All 5 stories are lettered by Ken Reynolds with the creative teams banding together on the story’s to form a cohesive set of tales that just happen to feature a squad of ex-soldiers that have been cursed and turned into apes.  It sounds insane and to some extent it is, but then escapism in the indie comic world has no boundaries and the likes of Shit Flingers embraces that freedom.

SIMIA NEGOTUM written by Jimmy Furlong with art by Andrew Hartmann and colours by Paul Little.

PAROUSIAN DAZE written by Pete McQue with art by Renzo Rodriguez.

MAD GODS & MONKEY MEN written by Dave Hailwood with art by Tony Suleri & John Kirkham

GARDEN OF THE DEAD written by Jeff Aden with art by Daniel Bell

THE PROBLEM WITH POLYMATHS written by Jack Chambers with art by Barry McClain and Colours by Charlie Hogg

The stories are well planned out and the creative team all seem to “get” the idea of what Jimmy & Andrew were aiming for with this which allows the book to feel like a much more solid collection.  There’s none that feel disjointed and that’s even with the change of artist across the stories who all have very different styles.

The intro to the characters at the beginning really helped too as the stories themselves are pretty much high-paced action from the beginning and my only niggle with this would be the blocks of Olde English text that are great to look at but a bit more of a challenge on the eyes to read and make out clearly.  That being said, its not enough to detract from the positives in this first issue – it’s funny, it’s frantic and it’s flinging much more potential than it is shit.  Roll on issue #2.

Check out more on Shit Flingers over on the Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr pages and get a hold of this first issue over on the Comichaus website & app.



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