Midnight Man #2 : Gunspace

It’s just over two years since I read the first issue of Midnight Man by Mo Ali & Andy Bloor and what better time to revisit it & jump into the latest issue too.

That first issue managed to pack a real punch and this second issue aims to do the same and then some.  It all starts from that cover with Midnight Man using Big Ben as a means to travel space & time (I mean, who wouldn’t do that?) and as the story unfolds you realize that it’s actually the sanest thing in the whole issue.

Midnight Man is still acting out the full vigilante persona with a swagger and while Mo & Andy haven’t shied away from throwing the reader a curveball, this issue takes that to a completely new level.  It’s anarchic approach to action with a vein of humour has a very British air to it with a sort of ‘Monty Python does Sci-fi’ vibe to it that somehow manages to work and make a weird kind of sense.  The twists & turns are out of control in places and there are some ideas in here that trigger an instant “WTF?” response but they are at home in the world that’s been created.  The growing cast shows that there could well be a full multiverse for them to play with & expand and while it won’t be to everyone’s tastes as it refuses to be pigeon-holed into your run-of-the-mill story – this kind of risk taking is exactly what draws me to the indie comic world again & again.

Mo’s storytelling is on point with his unhinged central character dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s of his own insanity and all while Andy keeps the scale of a story across space & time suitably epic.  A glorious mix for sure and one that I’m trying not to give too much away on because you’ve got to throw yourself into this & just take the chance on the Midnight Man showing you the crazy path through crazy town.

You can get hold of this and some of the other titles Mo & Andy have worked on over on the Big Cartel online store.  You can also check out what they are both up to over on their websites & Twitter below:

Mo Ali website – www.moali.co.uk

Twitter: @mo_ali

Andy Bloor blog – andrewbloor.blogspot.co.uk

Twitter:  @andybloor



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