Vampires Everywhere

Vampires Everywhere from Cult Empire Comics was launched at last year’s MCM Scotland and given how much I enjoyed their previous titles Vietnam Zombie Holocaust & Horror Show, I jumped into the horror book with a great deal of interest.

Writer George Lennox teams up with artist Thomas Crielly to bring us a new slice of horror where the quiet Scottish town of Stonehaven sees a murderer in their midst.  While the law is investigating these, their hope is that they can band together and find the killer but it takes a unique turn when a hoard of Vampires descend on the town.

From those relatively innocent beginnings things escalate faster than you can say “Pass me that stake” and the call quickly goes out to Alexander McLean: Vampire Killer and his efficient vampire killing team.  It’s like Hammer Horror taking over the A-Team as the flawed team of psychics & misfits tackle their personal demons as they try to take on every attacker in the town.  This all builds up to your typical good vs evil head-to-head but the energetic plot from George brings together an interesting blend of action & horror that makes this all feel far fresher than you might expect at first.

While George weaves the plot around Alexander, he’s backed up by some amazing artwork from Thomas and the detail in the art adds an extra layer of purpose & depth to the story as the action, horror & threat all becomes that bit more tangible as you soak in the visuals.  The colours from James Devlin emphasise that even further with the initial light of day giving way to a gloomy, gore-filled spray of colour & blood that gives things a suitably sinister edge.  Kudos to James on the lettering work too which is kept tight and eases us through the mix of narrative & dialogue.

The toughest thing about getting this book will be deciding which cover you want as the wraparound cover from James and the variant from Alex Ronald are both stunning.  You can debate which one to get over on the Cult Empire Comics website and keep tabs on what’s next from them over on their Facebook & Twitter pages.

You can also hear what the team had to say about the project on the interview I had with the team last year too which was also printed in the final book:

Vampires Everywhere Team Interview



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