G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 24 – The Indie Comic Scene

Like many years it’s been tough to pick out exactly which titles have been my highlights of the year but even more important than the issues themselves is the creators & fans around them that are my adoptive family for most of the year.

I spend a lot of time reading comics, talking about comics, listening to podcasts about comics and being entertained by the movies & TV shows that have been inspired by them but spreading the word of indie comics seems to have become part of my mission.  Partly because of my love of the medium and partly because of the number of talented writers, artists, colourists, letterers, editors and more that keep the small press fresh and exciting.  The events I get around to across the country sometimes mean a solitary trip from Glasgow to pretty much anywhere else in the country but thankfully enough I’ve been steeped in the scene long enough to be sure of meeting up with comic creators that have become friends.

The mainstream comic releases still entertain but it’s the indie scene that fills me with a passion for the hobby that I’ve had for decades.  In truth, the creativity of all the talented contributors to the titles I read is infectious and each title seems to build my momentum for reading more with every carefully constructed panel.  The indie scene may not represent the big rewards that they should warrant but they are probably among the best things I read week in and week out.  Keep them coming you talented lot….and I’ll keep reading them & helping to spreading the word!

Merry Christmas everybody & your New Year resolution should be to read more indie comics……I know mine is 🙂


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