G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 23 – Scratcher

John Ward & Juan Romera teamed up for the first issue of The Scratcher which I caught earlier in the year but it was one that stuck in mind.

The black and white art and general vibe of the book gave it an air of The Walking Dead about it at first but the unique twist of tattoo’s playing their part and a brilliant central character showed that there was much more to this title.  The plot weaved by John is a special blend of elements which really emphasises the difference that building strong characters can make to a solid idea.  Gritty in places and with plenty of “WTF?” moments it just works so well in becoming an entertaining read that you can’t help but turn the page.

Check out more on Johns website and get hold of Scratcher #1 for Kindle over on Amazon or on Comixology now.


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