G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 21 – Flesh Tones from Dark Pond Creations

The releases from Dark Pond Creations have been a constant source of strong titles with the likes of The Meek Morbid Detection but 2017 saw the release of the third issue from their Flesh Tones title.

Their third issue built on what had been introduced in the previous volumes with a unique mix of stories that capture a range of different themes.  Most are on the darker side with glimpses of horror through to the harsh realities of life but they all have heart to them that seems to give them a whole new sense of reality.  Patrick Scattergood’s writing skills continue to grow and grow with everything he produces and this issue seemed to be another title that shone in a sea of quality indie titles on offer.  Teaming up with some great artists helps too but the driving force behind Dark Pond Creations brings out the best in Patrick’s stories.  Flesh Tones is beautiful, bittersweet & brilliant and this helps me keep Dark Pond Creations in my sights for any new titles they may release……great stuff!

You can keep up to date with Dark Pond Creations on Facebook Twitter as well as Patrick’s own Facebook page.

You can get hold of this and the other DPC titles at the links below:


Etsy Store



Drive Thru Comics

Sellfy Store


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