G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 20 – Super Robot Mayhem

Subversive Comics had already produced the amazing Metal Made Flesh series but they added Super Robot Mayhem into the mix in 2017 and opened my eyes to a whole new genre.

Jeremy Biggs, Adrian Mursec, Javier Bordon, Yel Zamor & Jon Scrivens put their collective heads together to melt my brain with a unique blend of sci-fi & anime.  Space exploration sees a team making a surprising discovery and as the team merge the claustrophobic & the epic in a surprisingly successful combo to bring a glorious set of characters to get on-board with.  The stunning detail and the epic scale were made all the more impressive with the A4 format of the hard copy book and the whole thing just seemed to get better and better with every read & re-read.  I’m holding out for the second issue but in the meantime I can keep this first issue in my “must read/must recommend” list…….as well as my 2017 highlights.

Check out this and the other Subversive Comics titles over on their website and keep updated with what else is on the way from them through FacebookTwitter Instagram.


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