G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 19 – Redlands

It’s no secret that Image Comics have been one of the most consistent publishers in pushing boundaries in the comic book world and never has that been more evident than in this year’s Redlands.

The cover of the first issue was enough to pique my interest as much for the creators involved let alone the Image name but Jordie Bellaire & Vanesa Del Rey took it to another level. A seemingly straight-forward tale of small town America quickly became an intriguing blend of politics & crime but that’s just the false front that hides a story of more mystical goings-on.  Centred on a coven of witches that have taken their place in the town’s hierarchy it’s hard to tell whether the villain or victim card being played is the true face of the characters but in a seedy world like this one, it seems like everyone has a secretive side. Dark, sinister and insanely good from a creative duo that know just how to create characters to suck you in and then scare the crap out of you but you love them for it all.


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