G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 18 – Frank Quitely: The Art of Comics @ The Kelvingrove Art Gallery

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery played host to a celebration of Frank Quitely’s work for half of 2017 and I was lucky enough to make it along three times it was THAT good.

It showcased everything from his early work through to his most recent creation and it helped highlight just how significant a figure he is in the comic book world.  Something I’m sure most people already knew but to see it in black & white was something to behold.  Intermingled with the exhibit were a series of short interviews with the artist himself, some of the writers he has collaborated as well as some scholars and these all help build up a sense of his style, his road to becoming an artist and the wider influence he has had on others.  Quitely remains a key figure in comics for myself and many others and while he may be a local boy to the Glasgow-based comic fan base there’s no doubting that people from all over the country made there way to see his work in this exhibition.  Sketches, thumbnails, framed art and even an old empty raisins box play a part in his story and it was one of the best comic-themed events I saw all year.  Good times!


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