G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 17 – Cadavers

Cadavers from Mad Robot Comics is the brain-child of Matt Hardy and with three successful Kickstarter’s under his belt already, it’s no surprise these have done so well.

On the surface it’s a familiar tale of your average band of supernatural beings fighting for survival and while they have escaped their own worlds/dimensions & ended up on Earth, there’s still a new enemy for them to overcome.  Vilified by the media by top corporate mogul Markus North they all have their own story and it’s a wild ride to see how things will work out.  Matt has created a great set of characters and as the first five issues will cover each member in turn it’s got a number of hidden levels to its plot that are gifting us hints at what else is still to come.  Add to that Edward Bentley’s art and it feels like these supernatural entities all have depth that exudes an honesty making you immediately adopt them as your new favourite characters. Smart, funny, heartfelt and with more soul than you might expect the undead to have – I love them all thanks to Matt & Ed.

Check out this and the other releases from Mad Robot Comics over on their websiteFacebook Twitter pages.


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