G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 16 – Lifehacks

Ovi Demetrian Jr & Jen Hickman had already impressed with the early issues of Lifehacks but 2017 saw them close out their four-part story with real style.

Detective Lisa Adams finds an unconventional ally in hacker Joe Macintosh and with a digital serial killer on the loose it’s a twisting tale of cat & mouse that’s far more subtle than you realise at first.  Ovi introduces two brilliant characters that seem to gel together without any effort and while the partnership brings them both problems a bond strikes up between them that sees them close in on that killer.  Slick, precise art from Jen helps emphasise the flip between investigation and confrontation and these four issues blur passed as you’re swept up with the intrigue that’s built form that first page.

Get hold of the full series through the website or on Comixology now and find out what’s next over on the Facebook page.


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