G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 15 – The Human Beings

Stuart John McCune’s anthology The Human Beings was one of the biggest revelations of the year and even though I had heard a lot about it…..I still wasn’t prepared for just how good it would be.

An energetic & frantic combination of stories and themes that swings one way and then another as you’re swept along on a wave of creativity from a writer/artist that’s hitting every height along the way.  Dark, sad, funny, thought-provoking and just about everything else….you soon discover that it’s got it all and as Stuart juggles everything he manages to keep a firm focus on entertaining the reader with every single page.  That’s even more amazing considering that he’s able to pull that off with varying story lengths and consistently across each of those issues he’s released so far.  Go grab this indie slice of joy and revel in its glory.

Check out this and Stuart’s previous releases over on the Millicent Barnes Comics online store or on Comixology and keep updated with what else he’s working on over on Twitter.


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