G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 10 – The Punisher on Netflix

Jon Bernthal first took on the mantle of The Punisher in the second series of Daredevil but less than a month ago he got his own series from Netflix.

His brutal introduction in DD had left many hoping for more of the same and while we do get that with this stand-alone series, there was much more built around the character to help develop the tortured Frank Castle alter ego.  His quest for vengeance seems to be fairly unstoppable and just as you think he’s beat he finds the extra bit of aggression/energy to get him back on top.  The violence is excessive in places but in context and given the nature of the character it never really came as a great surprise to me and with Frank’s grounding through the memories of his family, it’s all given a real sense of purpose.  Bernthal embodies both sides of the character with ease and with a strong cast around him this marked a return to form in many ways for the Netflix/Marvel combo – and all while adding another character to a roster that could grow & grow.  More of this please!


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