G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 9 – Grinidon

Grinidon was a title I stumbled across during its second Kickstarter campaign and while I was lucky enough to get an early look at a review copy I instantly converted my pledge to hard copy.

There’s no denying it has a Game of Thrones air about it but that’s purely in terms of the themes and quality that’s been poured into the creation as there’s still something unique & special about it too.  It’s just a beautiful book in both it’s story & art and with that combination remaining consistent throughout it’s a title form the indie world that lingers in the mind.  That first volume was enough to get me hooked and while I keep tabs on updates about the first two volumes shipping through to me there’s no denying that the creators have grand plans to make this even more epic.  A third volume recently smashed through its Kicktarter targets and while I curse my luck at missing the campaign the news that writer J. Miles Dunn and artist Erwin Arroza are broadening the team to get more material out and more regularly is mind-blowing.

Get over to the Grinidon website as well as the Facebook Twitter pages to find out more on what’s happening with the title.


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