G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 8 – Dark Nights Metal

While Rebirth has marked a significant change in DC’s comic universe, there still didn’t feel like there was much to hold my attention for an extended period of time but that all changed when the Dark Nights event kicked off this year.

Made up of a six-issue core title, a series of one-shots and other tie-ins it exploded onto pull-lists around the globe and while we’ve only just reached about the half-way mark, the quality has been at an all-new level.  A sinister yet energetic take on the whole multiverse idea emerged which introduced an intricate mix of various versions of Batman and it feels like these new additions could well hold their own series too.  It’s been a while since an event has held this much weight and my interest as well as this one has and it largely seems that comic fans are in agreement about just how good this is.  It’s brought me back to DC comics at a time when I was losing interest and I’ve picked up other titles from them as a result that have also felt worthwhile……here’s hoping this same momentum can hold out for the rest of this series and beyond.


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