G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 6 – The ComicHaus App

ComicHaus appeared back in early 2015 as a new way to buy & sell comics but since then it’s evolved to produce it’s own anthology book (which recently hit issue #9) and launch it’s app billed as “Netflix for comics”.

The premise is simple, get indie comics out there through offering a monthly subscription service that speaks to fans & supports creators and holy shit they’ve nailed it.  The content on the app is impressive so far and that’s only going to grow but as both a fan & reviewer there is boundless potential in this to be the game-changer we all hope.  Slick design, brilliant & varied titles and an extremely positive response from fans & creators gives this the air of something big and that’s all from the solid groundwork they’ve put in on their own title and supporting other indie creators.  I really hope this is a success, as much for the folks behind it as the creators themselves and with the Indie scene proving to be such an energetic beast itself then the app should help spread the word far and wide.

Head over to the Comichaus website to get hold of the app now and get a look at the whole range of comics they have on offer. Keep tabs on Facebook & Twitter too for more of their news.


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