G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 5 – NPC Tea

Earlier this year I saw Sarah Millman mention her comic NPC Tea on Facebook and quicker than you could say “Get that kettle on” I had ordered the first two issues from her Etsy store.

The story revolves around Cardiff’s least popular tea shop ,Y Ddraig, and a world of tea and saucer-y (I hate myself for that pun…..I really do).  Working in the shop are an ex-fire summon, an elf and a human who have the unenviable task of saving the shop, the city and maybe even the world as a dark magic rears it’s ugly head.  Glorious characters in a mundane but captivating story mixes with Sarah’s artwork that just screams to be animated.  She added to that with a slick use of colour to bring a further subtle edge to the whole thing and it’s another project that gains something special with one person juggling each of the creative elements. It’s hard enough to hit the heights with one element but to do it with each and consistently in the way Sarah has makes this a title to shout about. A benchmark for indie comics for sure.

You can jump on-board the latest campaign on the link below: (Well worth doing!)

NPC Tea issues 4 & 5 Kickstarter

You can also check out more of Sarah’s work on her websiteFacebook Twitter pages and consider getting on board with her Patreon too.


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