G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 4 – Logan

It was another year full of Comic Book movies that had a fairly mixed reception from fans & critics alike but then the bar was set high for 2017 with Logan back in March.

It marked the last time Hugh Jackman would be playing the titular character and I don’t think me or anyone else was prepared for just how unflinching this movie was going to end up. It earned that R Rating from it’s very brutal opening through to it’s heartbreaking end but the mix of laughs, heartache & survival gave this a bittersweet twinge that left the whole story lingering beyond leaving the cinema.  An aging cast of recognizable heroes sees old age take it’s toll and while they may well have faltering health & minds, they still have that same thirst to do good and stop the bad guys.  A glorious entry in the X-Men mythology let alone Wolverine’s and it showed that comic book movies could step away from the cliched mix of spandex & capes to deliver real stories with style.  This all played out while introducing a new generation of potential comic book characters to carry the legends on


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