G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 2 – Supernaut

Michael Nelson’s Supernaut was an indie gem of the highest order for me and with some of the most insanely big ideas poured into it.

It follows Stephen Haddon as he transforms from astronaut travelling through to space into an all-new being ready to traverse time, space and more to stop “God” in his tracks.  The themes are complex but it works so well because Michael takes on both writing & art duties to turn it in an indie project with a seamless blend of the two to form a distilled sense of storytelling.  It’s risky, it’s ballsy but it all works with it’s sci-fi edge & sliver of humour that maintains the real edge to an unreal concept.

One that I have ordered in hard copy as it’s due to hit in the next few weeks.  My countdown to a revisit this is on as much as anything else in 2017 and if you can get hold of this 5-issue run then take the chance at a head-fuck of the highest order.  Just brilliant.

You can get hold of Supernaut over on Comixology now and you can find out more about the title over on the 215 Ink websiteFacebook Twitter pages. You can also catch up with Michael over on the 50 Foot Robot Studios website or Facebook page and through Twitter


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