G-Man’s highlights of 2017: Day 1 – Impossible

Chris Sides launched Impossible at LSCC back in August as the first step in kicking off an ambitious trilogy of books that’ll combine under The Frostbyte Legacy but the book really stood out as something special.

It opened up with some standard sci-fi setup as a new crew is sent out to help on an ongoing cleanup mission on-board the AMALA.  Astrophysicist Will McGillis is part of that crew and he’s the central character in an unwinding plot of betrayal and revenge.  This oozes all the sci-fi style you’d expect but the combo of artist Jake Rowlinson & colourist Dan Franco with Chris Sides’ tension-filled plot means this one is much more fully charged than you might first expect.  Paced perfectly, claustrophobic in the very best sci-fi way and leaving you on a “Fuck Yeah!” high that lingers – Impossible became one of the books I MUST re-read let alone MUST recommend.

Chris has a Christmas bundle available through his website now until the 15th December and with this proving to be the clearest indication of his progress – it’s time you took the chance & got hold of it.

Chris Sides Christmas Bundle


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