G-Man catches up with Matt Hardy of Mad Robot Comics

Mad Robot Comics have been a glorious source of the macabre in the indie comics world and with the third issue of their Cadavers title easing through its Kickstarter just now, it seemed like a good time to catch-up with the mighty Matt Hardy

What can we expect from this third issue of Cadavers?

Muck. Dirt. Blood. Probably some other bodily fluids too 🙂

To clarify that, the main character in issue 3 – Revenant – forms a ‘body’ from whatever organic materials are around, so it’s a… messy story. It’s also an oversized book – all which mean Ed and I get to have some fun with some cool widescreen action scenes. Although for me the best bit of issue 3 is the reveal of the real traitor in the Cadavers ranks (not the red herrings that we have thrown out so far). The scene between the traitor and North basically wrote itself. When the pages of script take over and the characters drive the plot – that’s when you know you have a great story.

Has the story evolved as each issue comes out or has it stuck to the original script/plan?

Both. That’s not a helpful answer is it?

OK – I’ve carefully layered, plotted and seeded ideas and plot threads throughout each issue that all tie together as the book goes on (already people have started to ask about the Malady, “Storm Clouds Gather” and how North keeps surviving). So there are story beats and plot landmarks that we have to hit each issue.

But I still make stuff up as I go along 🙂

What I mean is the actual route each issue takes to get to those plot points I leave fluid. Ed and I throw ideas around as to how we get character A to point B – we both prefer to work with a malleable story outline.

It’s been another cracking response to the Kickstarter so far – does it feel like momentum is with the title?

Yeah, it’s great to have so many return backers – people coming back for the story and art. We’ve reached that quiet section in the middle of the Kickstarter though – so I’ll be posting a bunch of updates and art online to get new eyes on the project. If you are reading this and haven’t backed, please check us out – you won’t find a funnier or crazier book around.

You’ve got some other great artists adding their own take on the Cadavers characters – what’s that been like?

It’s been one of the highlights of my year. Having different artists takes on characters I co-created has been an eye opener. Lyndon White(above), Domenico Pagano, Dan Earey and Clark Bint have all produced some stunning work for us. We actually have a final piece of art to preview – a local artist who draws under the pseudonym ‘The Man Trout’ – again it’s a distinct interpretation of Revenant – and an amazing bit of work. Suffice to say – we will be looking for more artists to do pin-ups for the next book.

Do you have a favourite character to write from the Cadavers line-up?

Anima. She’s short, sarcastic and not afraid to speak her mind. Such a huge stretch to write 🙂

Marckus North is also fun – in many ways he is an old-fashioned moustache twirling bad-guy, but – like all great bad guys – his motivations make perfect sense to him. He is the hero in his own story. A money motivated hero – but he sees no contradiction in that ethos.

And when I’ve had a bad day I write Poltergeist – basically just lines of my own made up swear words. Very therapeutic.

Will we see more Cadavers beyond the first 5-issue run?

The Mad Robot Comic studio whiteboard has 14 Cadavers story titles listed on it – so yup – we have big plans. Current goal is an anthology book for early next year – I have a few writer friends pitching ideas and I’m sourcing artists at present. So lots more monsters. Lots more chaos and fun.

Will you and Ed be working on more titles together?

As soon as the Kickstarter finishes and I can stop checking the running total every 10 minutes – Ed and I are going to plough straight in to Cadavers: Bogeyman. Ed also has a story in the Cadavers Anthology that he is co-writing/co-drawing with Dan Earey – who is also his creative partner on DarkBoy & Adler – their own adult-oriented comic coming soon. So we are keeping Ed busy.

What’s the plans for Mad Robot Comics in 2018?

We plan to release Cadavers: Bogeyman and Cadavers: Anima next year. Murder Most Mundane will hit convention stands as well. I’m looking forward to working with a bunch of new artists on the anthology. I’ve also got a ton of written stuff with other comic studios lined up. Maybe some sleep as well. But probably not.

I’m also going to detonate 4 megatons of non-nuclear material off the coast of California and the resulting shift in the tectonic plates will create a new landmass that I will claim as Mad Robot Island! (I nicked that entire idea from Larry Hama’s GI:Joe). From my Mad Robot Throne I’ll set about establishing a new world – free from hunger and war – but full of comics 🙂

Thanks to Matt for speaking with me again and here’s hoping I can compete for a place on that island.  You can get on-board the latest Mad Robot Comics’ Kickstarter below:

Cadavers #3 Kickstarter

You can also keep up to date with this and the other releases from Mad Robot Comics over on their websiteFacebook Twitter pages.


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