Comic Creators Anonymous – Rachael Smith

Writer/artist/creator Rachael Smith is another small press all-rounder that I’ve followed for a while and with the likes of I Am Fire, House Party & The Rabbit already standing out in a sea of titles – I was glad to get the chance to catch-up with her.

What was the first title you worked on?

The first mini comic I self published was called The Way We Write and was about a band who want to write their new album, so go on a writers retreat to Whitby, but end up staying in a haunted house. It’s incredibly silly and very Scooby Doo-esque. It was 28 pages long, so quite short, but I remember thinking at the time that it was such a huge task, as I’d never written anything as long before! Now I can’t seem to write stories under 50 pages! Funny how things change!

How has your work changed since then?

Well I would hope it’s got a lot better! My storytelling skills have definitely improved and my confidence with drawing has as well. I think self publishing that first book was invaluable for me as it gave me an overview of everything that happens when publishing a comic. There are so many plates to spin! Writing, drawing, editing, printing, PR, marketing, fulfilling sales, distribution, etc, etc. Doing all those things yourself can make you really appreciative when you have a team behind you. When Avery Hill published The Rabbit for me, I think it was a much better book because I didn’t have to worry about half of those jobs anymore!

Who are your main influences?

Bryan Lee O’Malley, Kate Beaton, John Allison, and Marc Ellerby.

What comics are you reading just now?

Love and Rockets and Giant Days are my favourites right now!

What’s the best thing about creating comics?

I get to do it in my pyjamas.

What are you working on just now?

My new book! It’s called Wired Up Wrong and is a collection of auto-bio comics about my struggles with depression and anxiety. I first released the book as a little 40 pager at last years Thought Bubble festival. I thought it was just a bit of fun but the books sold out like, super quick. People told me they found it really helpful and relatable. So I’m doing a Kickstarter right now to reprint the book but with 100 brand new pages. I wanna make something really special.

Where can we see you next?

I’ll be at Nottingham Comic Con on the 14th October, and MCM London later in the month 🙂

Jump on-board the latest campaign for her newest release now:

Wired Up Wrong Deluxe Edition Kickstarter

Head over to Rachael’s website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages to see more of her work and check out her online store to get your hands on them.


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