G-Man talks to Martin Flink

Creator/writer/artist Martin Flink already impressed with his previous books The Man of Glass & The Troll and later this month he’ll attend his first UK convention as he debuts his newest Accent UK release at the Thought Bubble event in Leeds……..so what better time to catch-up with Martin for some questions??

It’s great to see you releasing a new title through Accent UK again but what can we expect from this new release?

Something more wordy, something longer and something more emotionally complex.

How do you enjoy the combination of writing & art duties?

I don’t see myself as a writer. I just love to tell stories and drawing them is the easiest way for me to do it. I don’t write up long scripts or anything. I just start out by drawing my thumbnails right away. And that becomes my script and layout for the comic-book.

My imagination is very visual based. So if I had to write out my stories, I would have to write up several pages for each image and frame of the story. So for me it’s much easier to just draw it.

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How will ‘The Lizard’ compare to your ‘The Man of Glass’ & ‘The Troll’ titles?

Where “Man of Glass” and “The Troll” were small, single event stories,”The Lizard” is much larger. Its stories are still about emotion and life, but it has a greater scope featuring characters from different cultural and age perspectives, trying to show the same basic meaning from different sides.

So, hopefully “The Lizard” will feel more complete.

Is ‘The Lizard’ a story you’ve been working on for a while?

Yes and no. I began working on it in 2010, while I attended “The School of Comics art” in Malmö Sweden. But it was years later at the Copenhagen Comics Festival I first showed it to Colin and Dave from Accent UK. And by their recommendations made some minor tweaks and changes. They were also the ones that wanted it in colour. So the colouring was made within the last year, with great help from my colleague Rasmus Julius.

What’s the comic scene like in Denmark for small press/indie creators?

The entire comic-scene is very small. There are larger companies, but they are not much larger than the so-called Indie-publishers. They all do great work, publishing to different segments and audiences. But I think its growing and becoming more accepted as a real literate medium, which makes it easier to get the books out to a wider audience.

The real indie-scene in Denmark is the “Zine-Community”, where people publish and produce their own books. It’s not a lucrative market, but extremely interesting, inspiring and fun. And it’s where you will find the growing talent of young artist doing what they want, not what they should do. That’s something I really love.

Do you do many comic events throughout the year?

As I’m one of the co-founders of Copenhagen Comics (Festival) I will always go there. I’m not part of the preparations anymore. But I will always support the festival and promote it for the world. Still feel it’s a bit of my baby!

Besides Copenhagen comics I go to Art Bubble from time to time. Copenhagen Zine-fest and then ISV in Malmö Sweden.

I have been to Angouleme and Mocca Art Festival (NY), but not on a regular basis.

Are you looking forward to your first Thought Bubble event?

Yes! Can’t wait 🙂 I’ve never been to the UK before. So I’m looking forward to experiencing a UK show and finally being in the country of 2000AD and all the writers and artist that made the US-scene so great back when I began reading US comic-books. And I’m very excited to see what the indie and small-press scene has to offer in the UK.

What else are you working on just now?

Sadly I don’t have much time to draw at the moment. But I have some ideas, some genre-stuff I would love to play around with. But not something that is ready for the public at the moment.

But beside my freelance-work as a graphic designer, I’m teaching at Serieskolan, “School of comic-book art” in Malmö right now. An exciting and inspiring job, where I’m privileged to meet a lot of fantastic new talent all the time. And while I try to teach them to be their best, I also try to do my best, doing new stories and comics.

There might be something to show soon. But I will not jinx it by talking too much about it!

The Lizard is a 96 page softcover graphic novel in full colour priced £7.99/$9.99 and is expected to be distributed through comic stores in early 2018.

Martin will be signing and sketching advance copies of The Lizard at the Accent UK tables 53 & 54 in the ComiXology Marquee, at Thought Bubble next weekend (23rd & 24th September).

You can also check out Martin’s Blog or the Accent UK website for more info.


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