Late Knights: A Sense of Steel #1

Jon Laight’s latest comic sees him jump into the all-ages world with a story surrounding the Late family and their lives as spies.

It all opens with a pretty run-of-the-mill vibe to it as the kids are walked to school by their Dad and as they are dropped off it’s Dad’s trip to work that brings with it the first hint that there’s more to this family than meets the eye.  A glimpse of gadgets is enough to make this ooze that James Bond Britishness and with Jon holding the story at a solid pace from the beginning we’re carried along on a wave of espionage.

As the school day finishes for the kids their arrival at home sees their day take a similar turn as mystery rears it’s head when it looks like something serious has happened to their parents but their off into action-mode quicker than you can say “get me an exploding pen”.  A brief two-page interlude gives us some background on the history surrounding the Late family and their automatic ties to the life of a knight but thankfully that only helps emphasise the world-building that Jon is focused on rather than disrupt the flow.

The three kids are soon calling on an old friend for support and they all soon work out a plan of action to solve the puzzle & save the day but Jon has plenty more surprises in store before that happens.

Jon’s got another solid title on his hands here and with a world of possibilities open to him and the broad appeal of an all-ages book this has got “buy me” written all over it. The pace is steady from the beginning with a group of characters that feel like a family rather than feeling bolted together for the sake of it and that’s largely down to the dialogue between them which stays light, punchy and very natural…..even in those spy-filled moments.

Art duties for this falls to Matt Strott and the cartoony vibe is very appealing to the eye across the main story & that interlude.  The difference here though, is the detail that’s poured into the panels which have some great detail in the backgrounds while keeping focus on the characters and the unfolding plot.  Ken Reynolds adds the finishing touches with some fine lettering and the whole creative team are like a well-oiled spy-unit themselves.

Keep an eye on the Level 8 Comics websiteFacebook Twitter pages for more info on Late Knights and Jon’s other titles.

You still have time to check out the campaign through the link below too:

Late Knights #1 Kickstarter



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