Bun #1

Madius Comics are set to release their new all-ages book Bun later this month and getting hold of the 11-page short was enough of a taster to have me intrigued.

The release sees writer Mike Sambrook & artist Rosie Packwood put their collective heads together for a story about a larger than life rabbit called Bun trying to find his place in the world. Lacking the ability to communicate is a mere hurdle to overcome for our main character and when Bun leaves home for the big wide world his adaptability is called into action.

Through his innocent outlook and imposing size he gets himself a train ticket to the city where his adventures really begin and all as his naivety draws us in enough so we’re willing him to succeed.  The sheer size of Bun grabs attention of the wrong people on his travels and the issue closes out just as that is just starting to develop in the next chapter…..an infuriating but enjoyable thing as it turns out, since it helps emphasis the quality on show from the creative team.

I’ve always been a sucker for a well constructed all-ages book as it really shows how strong a particular story is to appeal to such a broad spectrum of readers and while this initial short is only 11-pages long, it still felt like probably the most involving set of pages I’ve read in an all-ages book for a while.  It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s bittersweet from the beginning and that all combines to make Bun something special.

A great new book to add to a building number of quality books that Madius Comics are producing and all while retaining some great talent with Mike & Rosie. Shout out to Rob Jones on lettering duties too as he seems to be continuing his transition from man to lettering machine.

Keep an eye out for this one debuting at Thought Bubble later this month and head over to the Madius Comics websiteInstagramFacebook Twitter pages to keep up to date with all their titles. Head over to Twitter to catch up with the creators too.

Mike Sambrook – @rapiaghi

Rosie Packwood – @pocketm0use

Rob Jones – @RobJonesWrites



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