Kingsman: The Red Diamond #1

The second Kingsman movie, The Golden Circle, is set for release later this month but Image Comics have an all new comic book sequel to the original Kingsman: The Secret Service series set to begin tomorrow (6th September) and I take an early look at that first issue.

Eggsy’s life as a spy is pretty much like we’ve come to expect with a first class pass to the finer things in life but the there’s no holding back a mission regardless of what plans he has………..and first up is saving one of the royal family from a kidnapping….as you do. That opening premise is the catalyst for trouble for our reformed criminal but that background is not something he can escape so easily and things seem to be taking a step backwards for our central character as he visits his Mum and the place he grew up.

That’s a roller-coaster of a start for our man Eggsy but hidden from plain sight is the latest unknown villain forging a plan to shake the world to its core comes into view. Henchmen, secret lairs and evil on the way are a typical setup for a spy themed comic but as the writing duties pass over to Rob Williams I’m pleased to say that it’s a seamless handover.  The humour is there, Eggsy’s swagger is in full effect and the tongue-in-cheek blend of James Bond with a much more evident 21st century vibe gives this the same effortless success that the first series did.

The visuals are picked up by Simon Fraser on art, Gary Caldwell on colours and Peter Doherty on letters, design & production and they do a stellar job following in Dave Gibbons foot-steps.  Strong, definite lines and a slick layout let the action flow well while the pages seem to almost glow with the London buzz that charges the whole issue.

The Millar/Gibbons series was always going to be a tough act to follow but with the movie cementing the tone they set out in The Secret Service the creative team for this new series have hardly broken stride with this new release.  One issue in and with a solid start like this it feels like Eggsy is back for another BIG mission in the first of many sequels hopefully.  Bring on issue #2……..and that second movie 🙂

Go check out the Image Comics website for more info on this new series (and the previous one)



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