Griff Gristle: The Siren’s Song

The second issue of Griff Gristle from Madius Comics has smashed through its Kickstarter target in much the same way as the first issue did and given how strong a start there was in that opener….that was no surprise!

It all opens with a cruise ship concert for the rock band Poseidon and from these humble beginnings the sea-fairing shit hits the fan in the suitably sinister way that we’ve come to expect from Griff Gristle.  Cue another grotesque monster from the deep wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting public and it’s just as clear as ever that only Griff & Justine can really protect us from the deep-sea dangers.

The battle that unfolds bring us just as may questions as it moves from open water to a local fishing village as their relentless pursuit of this latest threat is stepped up a gear. It’s not all action or problem solving though as we get some quality time between our main two characters that begins to help develop a real sense of the history behind them and my only minor criticism would be how word-heavy some of these parts become. That being said there’s still enough momentum behind the whole story for that “To be continued” moment to momentarily take the wind out of your sails a bit….although we’re soon saved from that with a seven page epilogue that helps expand on the universe the Robin Jones/Mike Sambrook team are working on.

Rory Donald returns on art duties and while there are parallels with the likes of Hellboy in the Griff Gristle series it’s still got a life of its own.  The action scenes seem to take care of themselves in Rory’s hands and the extra challenge of the more personal moments between Griff & Justine is one that he easily achieves.  This all adds up to a second issue acting as a perfect jumping on-point and I’m glad the creative team have approached it that way as it really makes this a success in its own right. The Griff Gristle mythology is building up well and with more planned it seems that Madius & me are in it for the long haul.  Roll on Griff Gristle: The Endless Village.

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You can catchup with the creative team on Twitter:

Robin Jones

Michael Sambrook

Rory Donald

Brad Holman

You can also get your hands on this issue and loads more rewards over on the campaign now:

Griff Gristle : The Siren’s Song



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