In Trouble #1

Ken Reynolds newest project sees him tackle both writing & art duties with In Trouble as he takes the world of pregnancy & certain doom and mashes them together.

Blue Skelton is our central character as she eagerly awaits the results of a home pregnancy test but she soon sits on the fence with which outcome would be best for her at this exact moment in time.  Cue a flashback to a few days earlier and simpler times where hanging out with her friend Rosie Gamble and enjoying a bottle of wine while her boyfriend wrestles with Rosie’s kids, seems like the bliss she’ll potentially need to give up soon.

Now that life-changing event is big enough to tackle but Ken manages to suck us in with the realism of those events before catching us off-guard with the news-flash that the Earth will be getting a direct hit with an asteroid.  As life moments go he’s piling quite a lot on Blue & her boyfriend and while that could easily give way to throwaway elements and a rushed feeling – this opener manages to remain grounded with tackling one problem at a time.

The characters he’s introduced, the lives they live and the every-day situations they find themselves in are all believable and told with a great deal of heart and while the cataclysmic events haven’t really hit home yet (no pun intended) it feels like we want to desperately find out what happens next before that happens.  The asteroid just means we are on the clock but I’m sure Ken will juggle those elements well.

The art is consistent from the beginning and the lettering manages to convey a great deal of information in some sections but without disrupting the flow too much, so he’s testing himself with multiple duties and pulling them all off with ease.  He’s now got another new series with a slick beginning to his name and with the intricacies of what he’s got here there’s a ton of potential for what’s still to come.  A perfect blend of real-life and sci-fi that we really only see from time to time but it’s a series to jump on-board with for the long haul as soon as you can…..or at least before that Asteroid hits 🙂

The campaign still has 2 days left so go check it out on the link below:

In Trouble Kickstarter

You can also catch-up with Ken’s other projects over on his Ken Reynolds Design website, Facebook  & Twitter pages.  Keep an eye out for Ken at this year’s Thought Bubble event too, where In Trouble will be officially released.



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